Anything worth doing takes time…

I thought I would bring you an update… I cleverly published an update earlier in the week.. but it was blank! Apologies..

Ok, so where are we.. well some things are moving nicely.. some are slow, such is life! A quick recap for those not familiar with what I’m trying to do.. the UK has a surplus of unwanted disability equipment. I want to send that equipment somewhere it can be used and make a difference. The ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo has produced a need but it has also made access to equipment difficult.

The Cariad Project is simple; gather equipment here, send it there. Ok, might be a bit more complicated. Sadly people in the Congo have been so let down by charities, from corruption and so forth that they are sadly reluctant to engage. And I need that engagement to ensure that the equipment gets to the people who need it. So this is where progress is slow and will take a little time to get right.

So what is moving.. well the paperwork to get The Cariad Project charitable organisation status is nearly done. This will enable me to seek some grant funding to cover transportation costs etc.. it’s also important in that it reassures people that any donations made are going to the project and myself and the other trustees are accountable for putting that money to good use.

So I’ll seek donations and grants but these days a charity needs to make itself as sustainable as possible so Cariad needs its own income.. hence Sarah’s Coffee. Sarah’s Coffee is Cariads trading arm.. it sells coffee online with all profits going into Cariad. I like the fact that with Sarah’s Coffee you’re donating to Cariad but you’re also getting something out of it.


The coffee is lovely, all with distinctive flavours and I have some very happy customers! Feedback has been positive which is great and people have shared what they’d like to see also… and that will inform new additions to the website in the coming months.

Sarah’s Coffee is moving along nicely.. I have some local community coffee shops who are interested in taking stock and I will be attending several events over the summer so do come and say hi!

To make it easy for people to donate.. maybe they don’t like coffee.. can’t see it but you never know.. I have set The Cariad Project up a Just Giving Page

The project is also registered with The Giving Machine so if you register with them and choose The Cariad Project then every time you shop online through The Giving Machine the project receives a donation.. at no cost to you!              

So there you go.. a little update. Because this is a new project I want you to know how it’s progressing.. if you are kind enough to support me in whatever way it’s important to me that you are kept in the loop. I’ll share when things go well and when it’s a struggle because life’s not perfect.. but if you have something you’re passionate about then it’s always worth it ♡