It’s all official now!

So The Cariad Project is now a registered charity.. number 1174491 as of the 4th September 2017. I’m so pleased, no matter if its money or equipment donated or coffee bought, it really is going to be making a difference. And more importantly now there is an accountability that comes from being registered to make sure that money or equipment is used effectively. Of course that was always going to happen but it gives the public that reassurance.Now that I have Cariad registered I can crack on with collecting equipment. The charity is set up so that I can support people across Africa but the first centre I am supporting is in Kamina, Democratic Republic of Congo. The BWIMWA Centre helps people with disabilities to learn skills to ensure that they can gain employment and lead fulfilling lives.

To support them I’ll be collecting a range of mobility and physio equipment and also equipment to support training such as computers and school supplies.

The vision for The Cariad Project is not only to send equipment but in the future to help with some of the issues the centre has due to lack of water and electric.. and eventually to facilitate exchange and volunteer programmes.

How can you help.. well I’ll need to raise money to do all this and you can help by doing your online shopping via The Giving Machine and choosing The Cariad Project as your cause.. it costs you nothing but each time you shop Cariad will receive a donation.


Or you can buy coffee from my website .. the site is slowly growing, my own brand coffee range has increased and you can now buy Grumpy Mule coffee too. The plan is to gradually increase the range but all coffee stocked will be from ethically minded companies.

The vision for Sarah’s Coffee is that eventually the majority of the coffee will be from direct trade with small cooperatives in Africa. It’s important to me that the trading arm of Cariad will also make a difference to people’s lives in Africa.

And it’s not all about Africa.. my background is in training and teaching as well as care. So eventually I’d like a cafe where I can train and employ disadvantaged people from my local community. That might be young people or the homeless and older people.. anyone who would ordinarily struggle to gain employment.

So I have big plans.. and it’s not a short journey and it starts with small steps but I hope you’ll join me on the way ♡

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