Happy New Year!

So welcome to 2018, and I’m so excited about this coming 12 months.

I guess a quick recap is in order… last spring Sarah’s Coffee officially launched with my website, summer saw me out and about at various events and by autumn The Cariad Project had charitable organisation status. Winter saw my eBay shop develop, some very cold Christmas events! And a lovely surprise; a Community Endeavour Award from my local council.

So 2018… well I’ve dropped a day now in my full time job so I can focus on moving things along. Getting Sarah’s Coffee established and on a firm footing for growth has been key because going forward it’s going to be from the profits of Sarah’s Coffee that The Cariad Project will be able to carry out it’s work. I’ll be at a lot more events this year to sell my coffee and raise Cariads profile.

This year will be all about The Cariad Project.. while Sarah’s Coffee is still growing I will need to seek grants and donations to help purchase a container, fill it with equipment and send it to the Democratic Republic of Congo. The BWIMWA Centre in DRC is the first centre that Cariad will support. They help 130 students with disabilities to maintain their independence. It’s vital work to ensure that young people have skills to work and build a better life for themselves. Cariad will support by sending equipment that the centre have identified as being beneficial to their work and which is in short supply.. mobility equipment and aids, teaching and training materials, computers.. these are all things we take for granted in our schools and colleges.

I am now seeking donations of equipment to start filling the container.. I’m looking for used equipment in good condition.. if you think you can help with anything please get in touch!

I have some fundraisers coming up too.. a charity football match with the North Wales Dragons in April and I’ll be doing the 100k Snowdonia Challenge in June.

Last year built the foundation and I guess I’m so excited about this year because to get that first container of equipment to the BWIMWA centre, where it will really make a difference will just be amazing!

I hope you all have a happy and successful 2018 ♡